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Top tips on how to choose the right solar for your house


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Solar power is booming right now, with many Aussies making the switch after realising just how much working from home last year affected their power bills. However finding the right solar is critical when it comes to saving money in the long run. “There are many solar providers out there that offer cheap solar power installation, yet these are often the companies that actually cost Aussies money as opposed to saving it,” says Beau Savage, co-founder of Smart Energy. “Luckily there are plenty of warning signs you can see before you sign up to tell whether your potential provider will live up to their expectations.” If you’re looking to make the switch, check out Beau’s top tips on finding the right solar for your home. Evaluate whether it is right for you: The first step to making the switch is finding out whether solar power is good for you and your needs. If you are renting or have a home with shading issues, it might be better to invest in a 100 per cent carbon neutral energy plan. However if those issues don’t apply to you then you have the potential to save up to $2000 a year on power bills with solar. Choose the best partner for yourself: It might sound strange but when switching to solar it is more important to choose the best partner for your needs over the most optimal panel. The real benefit isn’t just in the solar panel, it’s using a retailer with dedicated customer support, quality service and trusted partners who will be around for years to come. Although a solar warranty is 25 years, that means nothing if the manufacturer is no longer around. Find a company with local installers: Many solar companies will sell Aussies affordability, however along with these low costs often means poor or even a lack of customer service and reliable installers. For the best long term results, choose a solar company that uses local installers so that if there is a problem, there will always be someone ready to immediately fix the issue. Check out the reviews: These days, it isn’t uncommon for Aussies to not purchase a product unless they’ve read the reviews. In the case of solar, this is essential as it can give you a real insight into a company from real people. The only negatives appearing on a good company should be from those who delayed getting it installed and wished they’d done it sooner. Determine the right spot: You don’t want to pay money to make the switch to solar and then find out that your installer has placed it in the wrong spot. When having an initial consultation it is essential to ask whether or not the company you are talking to sends trained engineers who can look at your roof, its shading and sunlight levels. This will ensure that you will get the most out of your solar system. For more information, visit


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