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How To Make Rakhi At Home? – Times of India


The day of rakhi signifies more than just a thread tying, this day is about love, bond and a promise of care and protection. If you are planning to celebrate rakhi with a personal touch then making a rakhi thread by yourself at home is one way to go about it. It is easy to make, requires household items and adds to the auspiciousness of the day.

The best thing about DIY rakhis at home is that you can let your creativity go wild. From design to patterns, ornaments and so much more that you customize and change. So if you are interested in knowing more about how to make rakhi at home then follow this step by step guide.

Steps To Make Rakhi At Home


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Gather multi-coloured threads together
Wrap them on a pencil to create a wave pattern
Tie the ends of the thread
Add ornaments, stickers, portraits and more
Let the rakhi dry for a while
Get ready to celebrate rakhi

Step 1: Gather multi-coloured threads together

Start by gathering multi-coloured threads together. They will form the core thread of the rakhi. You need to cut at least 20-30 inches of thread in length. Ensure that the threads that you use are strong and expandable. It would be better to use cotton threads over any other fabric.

These are high-quality threads that can be used for art and craft, fabric stitching, rakhi making and more. These are made of premium fabric and do not break easily. You can also use them for knitting purposes. They make an ideal thread for a rakhi and multiple colour options give a wide range to choose from.

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Step 2: Wrap them on a pencil to create a wave pattern

Once you have arranged the threads, wrap them around a pencil to form a wave pattern. These wave patterns are optional. If you do not like a wave pattern then skip this step. You can also use ketch pens to colour or paint the thread.

Colour rich leads result in smoother colours. This is a pack of assorted colours and can easily be used on any colour of paper. These are safe to use for children too. It is free of hidden chemicals and is very easy to handle and use. They can be erased and coloured again easily.

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These colour sketch pens give a translucent effect with a pen. This eradicates any use of water, watercolours and colour palette. This has 24 different colours that you can use to design effects for your origami figures, thread tying, paper activities and rakhi making. It is suitable for a wide range of colours

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Step 3: Ties the ends together

Tie the ends of the thread on either side together. The core rakhi is complete now. You can stick ornaments, decoration material, craft items and more.

Step 4: Add ornaments, stickers, portraits and more

Once the above steps are completed, you can now add ornaments, portraits and more to the rakhi,

This kit is a multipurpose craft combo that has almost every craft decoration item. 1 Glitter Glue, 2 Twisted Double Color Paper Rope, 2 Single colours Paper ropes, 1 Set of 6 Neon Paper Tapes, 1 Jute Rope, 1 Metallic Designer, 1 Multicolor Mix Stars Stickers, 1 Pearls stickers, 5 Natural Color Wooden Clips, 5 Multicolored Wooden Clips, 1 Glue, 50 Ice cream sticks coloured, 50 Natural Ice Cream Sticks, 20 Large 20 Small Size Pom Pom Balls.

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Step 5: Let the rakhi dry
Once done, let the rakhi dry for a while and then tie it on the rakhi day.

Other FAQs

  1. What is bio-degradable rakhi?
    This type of rakhi is made up of beej material and is an eco-friendly way of celebrating rakhi.
  2. Can I use woollen threads for rakhi?
    Yes, you can use woollen threads for making rakhi as well. Woollen threads are stronger than cotton threads.
  3. Can I add flowers to the rakhi?
    If you are making rakhi at home, there is absolutely no limit to creativity. You can add flowers, buttons, ornaments and many other things.

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