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Escape to the Chateau: Angel Adoree reduced to tears over new project ‘I’m sorry’


Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree are helping others with their DIY projects in Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend. The couple are using their skills and experiences to help those who are looking to complete projects at home. However, one project left Angel in tears as the couple discussed the design with the contributors. 

Dick explained: “A few weeks ago Susanne and Luke came to us looking to transform her grandmother’s old wardrobe into a shoe storage showstopper.”

“And now for the big reveal,” Angel added. “I’m very excited.”

Angel and Dick sat down in their library and video-called the couple.

The Escape to the Chateau stars were amazed by Susanne and Luke’s progress. 

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The wardrobe was painted a vibrant blue inside and included multiple display racks for shoes. 

Luke commented: “It looks good, it was a joint effort,” as Angel wiped tears from her eyes.

One of the reason’s for the project was so that Susanne could display memories from her late mum.

“My favourite pair are these,” she said. “These are mum’s old shoes, they were mums and now they’re mine.” 

Angel: “But it’s not until you put the paint on, which is actually a really important element, that you bring the project to life.”

“Weirdly enough I’d come up into the loft and found a lovely little thing mum had written, ‘I’m so proud that you’re my daughter, I love you, mum.’” 

“Aww,” Angel commented and Susanna continued: “It wasn’t brilliant but it was just nice to have that. It was on a little angle card.”

Breaking down in tears, Angel said: “Thats’ so sweet, I’m sorry.”



Read More:Escape to the Chateau: Angel Adoree reduced to tears over new project ‘I’m sorry’

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